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The Spelling Buzz®  Story

Meet the girl who inspired Spelling Buzz - Emily.
# Emily was 4 years old when her parents realized that she could read.
Ever since then, Emily has been burying her face in books. Sometimes, her parents have to order her to put down her books and go outside to play.
With all the books that Emily has read, it is not hard to imagine that she is an excellent speller.
Emily wanted to enter a school spelling bee contest when she was in 2nd grade, but only 3rd graders and above could enter the contest. She patiently waited for a long year ...
In 2015, Emily entered the school spelling bee contest for the first time. She won 3rd place!
Her parents were very proud of her, but she wanted more... She wanted to represent her school in the district contest… And in 2016, she did!
Emily's mother, a non-native English speaker and software engineer, decided to help Emily in her own way ...

Welcome to Spelling Buzz® :)

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  • Both English and Spanish studies!
  • Spelling and vocabulary practice
  • Audio pronunciation, definitions/translations, examples
  • The ability to create word lists from pdf/image files
  • Spelling bee contest practice
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